Services Offered

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Cleaning - We offer general cleaning service for upholstered furniture, rugs and carpet. This includes a thorough vacuuming followed by wet clean procedure. For more sensitive fabrics, we also offer a dry clean process.

Protecting - Our Fabric Care System helps you care for all the soft surfaces in your home, including wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, upholstered furniture, wallcoverings, and draperies. Once your interior has been protected with Fiber-Seal's fabric treatment products, spots and spills are an easier clean-up, which helps prevent staining. Carpet soils also vacuum with much more ease!

Can include:

  • Free consultation by a professional fabric consultant to help determine the care necessary for the soft surfaces in each home or office.
  • No-cost testing and evaluation of fabrics and carpets.
  • Application of protective polymers by trained and certified professionals to floor coverings and above-the-floor furnishings with a one-year service commitment including:
          Phone assistance
          On-site assistance for difficult situations
          Fabric Care Kit with free refills for one year
  • The Prestige Plan, a custom maintenance program designed with regularly scheduled follow-up care.

Stain Removal – We pride ourselves on having expert knowledge and the best products for stain removal without damaging the quality of fabrics we treat. This service is for small spots, spills, pet accidents, etc.

*For our customers that have purchased the Fiber-Seal protection for their upholstered items, rugs and carpets, stain removal service is included free of charge in their annual service agreement. 

*For high-traffic areas more than 6 months old, we recommend a thorough cleaning prior to our Fiber-Seal protection application. Cleaning and Protecting appointments must be booked a day apart to allow for proper drying time. 

Exotic Rug Care – We have partnered with a local expert in fine rug cleaning and repair services, specializing in high-end rugs such as hand-knotted, oushak, Persian, Oriental, etc. Meticulous hand-woven repair service available for any rips, fringe repair or replacement. Pick-up and delivery service available. 

Leather Care – Want to revive a vintage leather piece? We have a leather artisan on call for the best cleaning, conditioning and repair services available.